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REALITY SYS has developed some leading products in the professional interactive sound systems. The company's innovative hardware, proprietary technology and applications enable our clients to experience high-quality digital audio. Our systems are based on industry standards (FAT32 hard-drives or SD or MMC memory cards, mp3, RS-232/485, Din Rail mounting).

Our products are mostly used in :


- Museography & Scenography (Cultural & Touristic areas, Museums, Exhibitions)


- Marketing, Events & Exhibitions (Point of Sales, Waiting & Show Rooms, Interactive Sounds for a lot of purposes)

Industrial Security

- Industrial Security (Robots, Automation, Machine-Human Interface, IHM/IMH)


- Transportation (Road Buses, Rail Coaches, Subway/Underground, Airplanes, Cruise ships, Lift/Elevators, ...)

Messaging System

- Messaging System (Answering machines, Telecom PABX)

Alarm & Security

- Alarm & Security (Home, Shops & Office Access Control)

Vending Machines

- Vending Machines (Intelligent automatic distributors)

Electronic Shops Resellers

- Electronic Shops Resellers


- Building Machines (preventive security messages within trucks, loaders, excavators, stackers, ...)

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