HDAbox - new HD Applications box

- Interactive HD Video Player/Repeater

- Interactive Sound Player/Repeater

- Interactive Pictures/Images Player/Repeater

- Interactive Specific Software Applications

- Online/offline Web pages/applications

Digital Signage Interactive Kiosk applications including ::

controlled from external triggers (NO or NC for buttons, PIR, sensors,touch areas, ...) - automatic/time schedule MediaPlayer (up to 128GB) or Open Sources Applications - bidirectional communicating applications and content management (via LAN/WAN/WiFi/3G/4G)


3D Satellite :

A new satellite model (Sentinel) done with combination of a few 3D printers (filament, and, LCD resin) additionaly with artistic and artisan work, on an adaptable support.



For this project, we've made 200mm height segments numbers It is a live calculated distance between Mars and Earth. Colors can me easily choosen and changed by user


Martian rovers (Euro Space Center)

8 rovers driven from 8 different cockpits using live camera, joystick and a few sensors. Target is to achieve 1 of the 10 different missions on Mars


Speed Test at Euro Space Center

It works with a few difficulty levels (1, 2 or 3 different colors linked with number of clicks amount), and for 1 or 2 separate players, or even, in Duel



Additionaly to our Video Player (HDAbox) we also design Videowall Systems From 1 to 16 screens, indoor and outdoor solutions. Sample here : 9 x 46" HD screens on a light 3 tubes mounting. Contents may be managed locally or remotely


WAV32 :

WAV32 is our new tiny stand alone board with 3W mono amplifier. 2 NO triggers or a sensitive touch connector to launch wav files. A potentiometer ables user to control volume power. This little device uses microSD card, 2 buttons to set up running parameters, and it can be powered with batteries or via a 5-6VDC adapter. WAV32 is particularly convenient to add audio sounds to any object or artifact (urban and public areas, paintings/posters, information speaking panels, security, vision impairment and disabled persons, ...).


new picoJukeBox 2 :

We launch the new picoJB with a few innovations. First there is an integrated 3W mono amplfier, to allow stand-alone applications with standard speakers. A Volume control and test buttons makes installation easier. There is also additional octo-coupler protections and some other electronic improvements.


new bBox :

We launch the new bBox with a few innovations. First the case has a new design, similar sizes, but allows now to set/fix the bBox via screws additionally to rail-Din fixing.

Most important is the new integrated amplifier, classe D (mainly higher power efficiency, and less heat), and some other electronic improvements.


MP3can :

A module for interactive sound installations with integrated 2W amplifier that communicates via CAN-bus. It uses CAL services and CANOPEN application layer (master-slave), and PDO messages.


µBox :

Stores the audio files on its internal Flash memory, has a starting trigger, a single line out Cinch RCA and a standard Din Rail case.


Sensitouch Trigger :

This little board with attached cable replace a button for any application (behind a windows, door, table, ...). Could be used behind plastic, wood, glass, plexiglass, ... You may also use any steel object to enlarge the touch area.


Elevator sw

Open/Close trigger. The bBox start playing when the trigger is Opened, and stop playing immediatly when the trigger is Closed.

Pulse sw : similar to Exhibition and Security sw, this Pulse sw allows to work with 4 Normally Open triggers, or 4 N.Closed triggers, or even 15 binary coded triggers (as Industrial sw).

For the configuration (mode/triggers setup) of bBox loaded with one of these 2 new sw, please use the bBox Switch setup Elevator/Pulse sw manual (downloadable via Download/Technical manuals).


Multichannel Player :

The Multichannel Player is designed on a motherboard with onboard 8 of our mp3Stamp stand alone players.

The Multichannel Mixer Player model offers 8 separate MP3 players with each independant self control, and a single mixed line out 2 x Mono RCA Cinch.

The Multichannel Multi Player model offers 8 separate MP3 players with each independant self control, and 8 self standing line out 2 x Mono RCA Cinch.


The peak detector allows the control of an external system with audio level modulation via a bBox. e.g. animatronic, lipping, lighting, ....


Allows up to 24 triggers in place of 5 on standard picoJB and 4 on serial bBox. Connection to the serial port. Each trigger give access on closing to the adequate mp3 track/file on the memory flash card.